Once you hear the name Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez you can immediately put a name to a face. Clips of her are all over the news, a historical campaign and election and whether you find it good or bad you know she wants to defund the police. It is amazing that we are able to register someone of such stature into our minds but also unable to do the same with other women simply due to their race. It is the concept of colorism and how mainstream media constantly projects outdated beauty standards even in their news coverage. It is also quite humorous to me that someone like AOC, as well as myself, find ourselves so socially conscious in our politics and yet I could only name one other person of the infamous Squad. The fact of the matter is, each of these women is just as talented and as beautiful, AOC, and Ilhan Omar are not any more powerful or intelligent than their counterparts. What is disheartening is that it is not just myself, but they have maybe been seen on primetime news a handful of times each. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts’ seventh district and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan’s thirteenth district round out the Squad and have made just as many strides on the House floor yet are not nearly as well known.

Even looking on Instagram, AOC has 8.2M followers, Ilhan Omar has 1.3M, Ayanna Pressley has 459K, and Rashida Tlaib has 450K. It is also important to note that both AOC and Ilhan Omar have both personal and accounts managed by their staff. Members of the House are given a fixed budget known as the Member Representation Allowance or MRA. This means that AOC and Omar feel that they have so much popularity they need to have someone on their staff only manage their social media for their constituency. This can be very important, as we know social media tends to get across to most younger generations but is that not what all of the Squad is appealing to? The progressive younger generation?

It is going to be interesting to see what happens with newly elected Cori Bush. She is the first black woman elected to Congress from Missouri. Leading movements in Ferguson with the Black Lives Matter Movement, Bush she should be able to join the ranks of the Squad and be just as known and well respected as the most prominent members.

Colorism in Congress is not just in the House. Although Vice President Elect Kamala Harris has experience and is more than intelligent enough for the job, she was picked over some other women that may have been better options. Did President Elect Joe Biden feel she was better for the job or would Stacey Abrams, or Keisha Bottoms perhaps been a better choice? They are just as if not more qualified but were likely not chosen due to colorism and maybe America just was not ready.

Regardless, these are all fascinating, intelligent women that should have a larger platform and recognition than someone like Nancy Pelosi or Diane Feinstein when it comes to the Democratic party. The Squad and a select few others have made more strides and pushed for more policy to have awareness if not had a goal met than any of the older white men and women have in decades. Regardless of lack of recognition, people of color in politics, especially women, deserve the utmost recognition for all of the hard work they have done, and obstacles they have overcome. This is just the beginning and soon the Squad will take over the Whitehouse.

Oh and Black Lives Still Matter.

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