Cuomo, Data and Women

When the pandemic first began Governor Cuomo was seen as a God send. Numbers were down, New York State was taking initiative for a sort of lockdown, and helping New York City growing from one of the worst epicenters to a “safe place” during these times. Now, how the tables have turned. However, there is more than one accusation that Cuomo is on center stage for. No longer are people asking for his Presidential run but for his resignation. The one to catch more of a headline is the numbers that were lied about. The Governor has been accused of reporting inaccurate numbers of nursing home deaths at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. This makes us step into the realm of data. The one thing that people always seem to rely on. Good old fashioned statistics. How could they ever lie? Relying on quantitative data is nothing new. But it seems that in times like these qualitative data means so much more. Knowing about the people that died. This time they did and boy are people upset. But instead of focusing so much on this, why do we not focus more on a headline discussing the vast amount of accusations against the Governor for sexual assault?

It is upsetting that as a woman this is something so normal. Something that continues to get brushed under the rug but it is not anything new. Yet men continue to have excuses like “they’re Italian” which negates their wrongdoings and everything is okay. We continue to uplift men in power when such accusations are made and not hold them accountable.

This is not the first time we have seen something of the nature. To name a few — Monica Lewinsky was blamed viciously for the “affair” between her and former President Bill Clinton. I recall growing up and learning about the “scandal” committed in the oval office. I never once knew there were three previous women who had accused President Clinton of rape and sexual assault (Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley, and Juanita Broadderick) while he was Governor, even leading to trial prior to the Monica Lewinsky “scandal.” These accusations never seem to be discussed and are so important.

Clarence Thomas was in motion to be confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States prior to Anita Hill coming forward. In this scenario we can also compare this to Brett Kavanaugh however his happened while he was in school, not excusing his or the behavior of others since he was still nominated to a position of high power.

Of course we cannot forget former President Donald Trump and the vast amount of allegations and pending court proceedings including that of a girl who was thirteen years old at the time. There is also the famous explicit that he will “grab them by the p****y” however, I guess degrading women when you are a man in power is okay as we can see.

We need to stop looking at what in a way is the less important picture at the time. I understand numbers in nursing homes were unreported. This is a tragedy however, your loved one would have still passed away. Trust me, my grandmother was lost April of last year in a nursing home from Covid-19 in the neighboring State of Connecticut and who knows if she was actually “reported.” However, the larger tragedy seems to be that women continue to be degraded by men in power and we continue to positively reinforce their behavior. If we continue to let accusations of victims slip away from us and not hold abusers accountable how can we ever expect people to come forward? Although I only discussed examples of men in power, it happens with women in power too and we need to begin to make safe spaces for those victims when they have the courage to express their stories. Hold abusers accountable and realize the more important headlines.



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Nicole Olimpia

Nicole Olimpia

Writing my thoughts on Politics and the World around me.